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"Человек потерялся"

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
Долго пыталась выбрать удобное время, чтобы посмотреть этот фотопроект. В итоге забежала вчера вечером почти спонтанно. Мне все казалось, что осмотр займет значительное время (что осмотру надо посвятить значительное время), на деле я пробыла там едва ли больше 15 минут.

Итак выставка исследует феномен аутсайдерства в среде искусства и науки и рассматривает пространство в котором этот аутсайдер обитает. Авторы - проект Stenograme. Идея мне очень понравилась поэтому я постаралась внимательно посмотреть все фотографии, прочитать "вступительную статью", открывающую выставку. Возможно, стоило бы прийти на открытие, но я узнала о выставке уже после собственно дня открытия. Еще есть каталог. Который я возможно прочту, до того как опубликую этот пост, а возможно после. Почему я сейчас еще раз просматриваю материала, чтобы составить свое мнение? Потому что не могу назвать те фотографии, которые я увидела соответствующими на все 100%.

Это ни в коем случае не попытка сказать свое "фи", поскольку:
читать дальше

Дисклеймер готов, поехали.

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Futurelearn - Stereoscopy - week 2 - the End

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
I've finished the course on streoscopy and stereoscopic photography provided by FutureLearn and the University of Edinburgh. I can say that it was quite useful (as when I started my offline photo course I felt quite comfortable when we went through the history of photography as I knew some names and got the connections between them. Not a big deal but... I did enjoy this feeling) and exiting. I really got interested in stereophotography and I am even thinking over the possibility of doing something like that. It definitely has a certain charm.

Stick to the point: During the course there were some discussions on relevant topics. This one I'd like to speak on here. You, whoever you are, welcome to share your thoughts about it, as usual.

Here it is

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Futurelearn - Stereoscopy - week 1

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
I've looked through 25 pages of brilliant examples of stereoscopic photographs provided by the National Museum of Scotland. Most of them belong to the Victorian period when they were made. And I've alredy have something to say about what catched my attention above all others.

The photos of amazing gothic architecture:

more links

I think architecture is a perfect subject for such photos. As it provides depth to the pictures. It invites audience to follow inside the picture, creates a maze inspite its (of architecture) clear forms. Literally one can't take their eyes off. Of course, one need have a special equipment, that combines two pictures together and makes them a singe one. I have to applied my imagination until I get a chance. They are definitely worth seeing.

I wish Scotland was a bit closer, speaking not about kilometeres, but about opportunities.

@музыка: Das Musical Dracula– Nosferatu

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Futurelearn - Film Production - 1 week

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
I came across this online learning platform thanks to somebody's post (I guess that somebody is in my favourites here, but I cannot find this note with the link any more). It's a shame as I prefer to mention people whose ideas I used and use. As a matter, of fact this probably doesn't matter. Because you can easily google it like "Futurelearn.com".

Well, there are lots of different corses made by different universities or some other companies and institutions. Everyone is free to join any course. No payment unless you want to obtain a participation certificate. To do this you need pounds.

I've decided to try not only because I liked a couple of courses but also to master the language as all of them are in English. That's why I try to leave comments, express my opinion on that or this issue. I've been finishing my first week of the course called "Film Production". Recently, I really get interested in the topic, but at the moment I can't find any opportunity to study it offline. No money and time either. so I just thought that it might be a good idea to learn some things this way. Just to be aware of how this industry works in general.

Within the first week you get a brief outlook on the industry. There are articles and short videos with the information. The rest is up to you.

All is organized in a typical "american" way: you're welcome, share your thoughts, there are no loosers here... no demands... choose your pace. That's nice, but after years of typical russian education it's still a bit weird though I don't have any prejudices about "nice and easy and comfortable way of study".

The introductory course seems to be quite supeficial, but it gave me some food for thought. It really gives you time to get information step by step. Now I have an idea about main phases of film production, people who are responsible for each phase, in general. The most interesting task for me was to look through the closing credits searching for some unusual and/or unknown job positions. I'm still working out on my list. Also the students have to study the budgets of their favourite films and find out what budget type they are reffered to.

By the end of week a quizze awaits for me. Probably, I'll do it tomorrow. Look through the week information once again, brush up a couple of classifications, stages of productions, key "players" on the set.

We'll see what is coming next.

Not sure, whether it is useful to write such notes every week or not. In fact, mostly this is just a retell of what this course looks like. But I'd like to do it because in my opinion writing in English is always for good. And maybe, just MAYBE I'd have some thoughts to share. Why not, at last?

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