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И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
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Mini-dictionary - Elementary level

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
While I am preparing a lesson for my student, look through a dictionary for the elementary level. There is always a chance to learn something new or remember something which I always forget.

1. Arabic ['ærəbɪk] - mind the stress (!) somehow I always forget about this first stressed syllable.
2. Canal [kə'næl] - the same - the stress. Fortunately, at least, I remember that it's an artificial one.
3. Campsite ['kæmpsaɪt] - never had to use this word. 'Camping' was always enough.
4. cash point = a cash machine or ATM (automatic teller machine).
5. chat room I've never come across this notion in any language, so never needed it.
6. cosmetics [kɔz'metɪk] also always forget about [z]. Probably because this word is also an odd one in my world view.
7. cosmopolitan - again [z].

Fuck, the further I go through the more attentive I become.

8. kitchenware - not exactly the same as cutlery ['kʌtl( ə )rɪ] btw, these are like pans ans casseroles mostly.
9. martial status - more or less familiar, but add to the list to be on the safe side.
10. opera ['ɔp( ə )rə] - words which are similar to russian in pronounciation and meaning seemed the trickiest.
11. patent and patent office ['peɪt( ə )nt].
12. protein ['prəutiːn].
13. ski resort
14. transit - both [s] and [z] are possible - that is moving from one place to another, concerns both people and things.
15. virus ['vaɪ( ə )rəs] like crisis ['kraɪsɪs]
16. vitamin ['vɪtəmɪn] or ['vaɪ-] for American English.

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Marley was dead.

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
Вчера третий раз за неделю провела урок по "А Christmas Carol" Диккенса. Есть некоторое очарование, когда в начале урока, посвященного Рождеству, можно разбирать лексику состоящую их "funeral", "grave", "gravestone".

Мои ученики - которые молодые люди - были уверены, что Скрудж однозначно изменился. Была, кстати, выдвинута идея, что приходящие призраки Рождества - это реализация разных сторон самого Скруджа. Мне это в голову не приходило. А вот другая моя студентка в конце занятия сообщила, что не стала доверять переменам в Скрудже вот так просто, поскольку ключевым событием назвала встречу с последним призраком, а главное мотивацией - страх смерти. А у меня, кстати, был провокационный вопрос из разряда "Has Scrooge really changed?"

Не могу назвать это произведение любимым у Диккенса, но как альтернатива "сладкой праздничной вате" самое то! Ну и что-то более английское-прианглийское сложно найти)

Однозначно согласна. Потому что я не знаю, как использовать свое прошлое себе же во благо - там в основном сожаления, на которые проще махнуть рукой, потому что, как говорил Уорхл - "ну и что?" (с) А будущее... будущего я не вижу. Чтобы оно появилось надо разгребать настоящее.

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November in the Hermitage

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
When you live in St. Petersburg from time to time you have to visit the Hermitage at least when your friends come to see the city. We did it on Thursday when you could visit the museum free of charge. That's probably how I'm going to visit the Hermitage as I am not a student any more. So, queues, queues, queues ever since. We had been waitiing for 2 hours outside before we could enter the museum. Well, probably that was due to autumn holidays but we decided that free tickets were meant for people to observe the museum inner yard as there people had nothing to do but to look around.

I stopped hoping to see everything in the Hermitage so as a rule I wandering through the halls and chambers. Or I choose some topic I am interested in the moment and look for it though quite randomly.

This time A. by all means wanted to see Egyptian objects of art I didn't mind as a guest is a guest. And I paid my attention to The Book of the Dead that made me tremble in a way. As if I had never seen it, and never heard about it, and then I got strangely spelled by some ancient sheets of paper.

We also went to saw works of Leonardo da Vinci - the Benois Madonna and The Madonna Litta. I remeber this place very well as once I fainted by the Benois Madonna when I was quite young. I wish I could say that the consequences of Stendhal's syndrome but I believe that there were more trivial reasons to that.

I am also kinda hunting for St. Sebastians. This time I came across two which I hadn't seen yet. These are

by Pietro Perugino

by Bernardino Luini

Another sudden discovery was the one and only work created by Michelangelo - The Crouching Boy. We were lucky to eavesdrop his story about Michelangelo's hiding in a cloister during Spanish attacks on Florence. They consider that the artist presented his own worries and anxiety about that situation. I can't say exactly how it made me feel but there was something special about that, something I'd like to remember.
look at The Crouching Boy?

Since I had been studying drawing I was quite attached to Antinous though it was not because he was easy to draw as he wasn't but I rather enjoyed observing him. In the Hermitage there different sculptures all of them are quite recognizable which present him as different gods. For me his popularity isn't surpricing. But it was more interesring to find Hadrian himself who was kinda responsible for this.



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A Night in a Lonesome October

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
As it turned out the issue of the exact day of Samhain can be difficult to define. Though one can say that it is celebrated from 31 October to 1 November. But things seemed a bit more complicated as we talk of an astrologic approach or approaches to be exact. To cut a long story short one has to be prepared for a significant variety of days which are considered to be THE VERY DAY (or probably it's better to say 'the very night'). For example, here we can see what choice we have this year.

I am not good at the changes of the moon but this idea definitely worth remebering as we speak about the time when these very changes ruled people's lives. Moreover, I am a big fan of changes for changes' sake. I enjoy things that make me stay alert.
So it seems right to me to pay homage to Samhain within October. I do belive that this magic can last longer tham just one night.

As for the popular culture phenomenon I guess that all this fuss creates a certain magnetism which gives ways to some 'rituals' to become a part of modern culture and city heritage *sends regards to the Futurelearn course*.

And it comes for you...

Каждый из нас прозрачен в час, когда наступил Самайн.

@музыка: Son ar chistr (Ev Sister, Ev Chistre)

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Cultural Heritage and the City - week2

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...

Quid pro quo

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
This is how Autumn grants wishes... and I am glad even if all magic comes with a price.

1. Yesterday I was ponderind how wonderful it could be if today they postponed our lesson at the language school. The reason was simple - I'm not sure that I'll be able to attend my dance class on Sunday and I'd hate missing a whole week. Today in the morning I've got a message that was the following: 'Unfortunately, your class is postponed. As for your Monday class - we will let you know later.' My price - is my salary, which at that very moment got a bit smaller (can't believe that's even possible...). But that meant I could have a dance class today. Learning instead teaching. And besides I don't have to worry about Sunday.

2. Another subject for a pity could take place on Thursday. Because the time of my job interview coincided with the time of a lecture on Southern Gothic Literature as a genre and its representatives. it was supposed to take place at the British Book Centre. Though it was my fault that I completely forgot about this lecture when I appointed time for my interview. Anyway, it seemed I had to say goodbye to Anne Rice, Tennessee Williams, Stephen King, and others writers. But the second news that came today proclaimed that the lecture had been cancelled. So I need neither rearrange the time of the interview ( what's obviously unprofessional) nor regret about my unusual absent-mindedness.

That eagerness which I had got to make things go this way is as surprising as obvious the price I paid for them going this way.

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Cultural Heritage and the City - week1

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
Futurelearn sweet Futurelearn.

Suddenly, I've decided to go om my armchair education with Futurelearn. Their policy has changed a bit but fortunately there's a possibility to take courses free of charge.

So, here you are - Cultural Heritage and the City - the course provided by the European University Institute (EUI)

I paid attention to the course because it shows how cities today create and brand their own cultural heritage. And this issue is quite interesting to me coz I already noticed this tendency and I really enjoy what it brings into the city life.

This is why I got interested in St.Petersburg. That is what I'm now looking for here.


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Pronunciation issue

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
Have heard a podcast from 'The TEFL Show' on pronunciation.
That was '6 Things You Should Know About Pronuncation'

Podcast Outline



@настроение: Studying stress in words can be very stressful

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Conditionals and places

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
422. Soon I can give lectures on Conditionals at any times of the day and of the night. Probably the Universe makes me learn them this way - by presenring demo-lessons to language schools (no idea why I always come across this very topic). I do like the feeling when I manage to present my knowledge of English in English in a proper way. And this is the very thing I like speaking of teaching. That with every other explanation your presentation becomes better. So do your language skills. Frankly speaking, this is the reason that induced me to prepare a demo-lesson for an interview via Scype yesterday. Being a teacher is not my dream job (I am not that big fan of people) but this is quite likely to be a single job that gives me an opportunity to stay a student, a learner. To stay always alert of the language usage. As I always worry that I forget things (rules, words, information of any kind) this seems to be a chance to worry a bit less than usual.

9. I have noticed that lately my life sometimes tend to focus around some places, I mean places on the map. Although there is no obvious connection between them. For example a number of ehibitions I've recently attended took place not far from Saint Isaac's Square: ProToArt festival, the Maps exhibition at the headquarters of the Russian geographical society or The State Museum of the History of Religion. Another example - the area around the subway station of Chernyshevskaya. The language school where I was working in July, the place where there was an interview and an introduction to the position of a call-centre operator (not sure whether I will study some data I should know almost by heart or not). Then there also the library is sutuated where I listened to a lection on duelling and where I'm going to have a job interview (yep, I'm looking for a job without any system or any logic). I like the way all these events enriched and are enriching these places for me. Like more details appeared there which related to me. The same is true for other places as well but the fact that I've found myself there recently so often somehow underlines the feeling of the place.

Герой придуманной истории.
Ваше имя
Итак, вы:Главный Герой, великая цель которого не ясна даже ему самому
Главная цель появления:Научить кого-нибудь чему-нибудь
В процессе истории часто произносите фразы вроде:« - Чего я хочу? Совсем немного – весь мир!»
И в результате вам удастся:Пафосно умереть в кругу близких. Через пару лет благополучно воскреснуть

все гадания на aeterna.qip.ru

@музыка: Павел Кашин – Аристократы

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2 in 1: Инглиш и дыбр

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
6. Have returned to reading 'How to teach English'. It's interesting to see that many ideas that the book describes were given us when I studied at our University in Rostov. Though probably in some different way, probably some foci differed but all the same. Now I'm going through chapter 5 and I can't say that I'm coming across anything totally new. That means that I have an idea more or less what teaching is (probably I don't know some concepts, terms and methods but I use them without thinking). That's somehow connected with my teachers from different language schools I attended. Because since the very beggining of my urge to languages I've paid attention how they gave information. But I am interested in finishing this book to be aware of terms and concepts, to understand the essence of the methods. To speak the language teachers of the English language use. For example "ESA lesson sequence". That divides the lesson into an Engage part, a Study part and an Activate part. That's quite a natural divisioin... but when you know that as an approach that provides your teaching with some system and structure. I'll try to keep on reading, come what may.

38. Finally I somehow enjoyed freestyle waltzing coz we were given some patterns and opportunity to practice them. So freestyle is stopping to be so terryfing ....like 'what I am suppose to do, how I suppose to react... let me go'. Sometimes I was able to predict my partner's actions and answer to them just in time. That appeared to be quite possible. But you have to be very attentive and careful. A funny thing: How does a lady understand that it's time to do an inside turn? When a gentleman raises his left hand up. Like a Pavlov's dog. Can't get rig of this very image.

1. From what I've got from the plot of 'American Psyho' I have to admit that a film is not worse than a book. The book contains too many details that copy each other, moreover, it slurs the character's development. To my liking it lacks contemplating. It lacks grounds. Though their absence is likely to mean something as well. As for the film. This time the lack of screen time did good. They have to reach the scenes to house as much infomation given in the book as possible. So it results in a number bright pieces forged together. That made dynamics. Especially I appreciated how Patrick's views on some music bands were presented. In the film they are adressed to other characters not to a reader/viewer. That shows the difference between Patrick and other people, what they focus on.

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It's seems to be high time!

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
Right now I am looking through the manuals to brush up (at least) my English. That somehow helps me to restore my confidence in my command of language. No matter how pathetic it looks like.

So, today I've come across Tenses and revised 'Different ways of expressing future actions.'

The ways are from the manual, the examples are from my life (well, more or less).
Well, this is the point to keep a diary, isn't it?

Here is 4 ways to express future actions without using Future Tenses

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И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
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Of Melnibone

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
The runeblades. A word which triggers memory a lot in search of forgotten dreams and forgotten worlds. Those you've dreamed about yet without knowing what of universes they refer to. Then you come across the word and your memories unfold. It is as if you were where once, you saw that world before, you were a part of it as you recognize it the way only people recognize the place which they know very well or they knew.

Probably I should thank my kinda perverted mind which presents me such alluring images. Sometimes they are the only reality of which I am quite certain.

@музыка: Blind Guardian–Tanelorn

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Дайджест по 2017

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
Мои новогодние праздники - это просто гонка со временем выходит/вышла. Никаких ленивых "полежашек под фильмец" не вышло.

читать дальше

@музыка: Последнее Испытание - Я дам тебе имя


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И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
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All well that ends well

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
The course on Shakespeare is finished. Well, it had its advantages and disadvantages. But I'd like to focus on some details which appeared to be interesting to me.

Week 1 was devoted to Shakespeare himself and the places where he lived and worked. So I'm enumerating some things I've found useful to know:
читать дальше

From Futurelearn.com, retold by me:shy:

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FutureLearn, I'm back

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
Trying to catch up all on-line courses I've got involved thank to FutureLearn. Despite the fact that now I do lack time to do things which stand apart my study at the university. But I definitely find this change of activity quite relaxing. Moreover, I can expand my general knowledge about the world and sometimes even go deeper into the fields which recently have drawn my attention. I enjoy idle and at the same time real takls which tutors provide to learners. A lot of interesting things turn up during each course. That's why I consider them time worthy.

For the last two days I've covered up a bit more than two weeks of "Exploring English: Shakespeare". Still 1 week left. I hope I will go on as there are several amazing courses I am really interesting in and I'm not going to give up.

But stick to the point, I still gonna give a feedback or rather a summary on the Shakespeare course to highlight things which appeared to be new for me, which really excited me.

But at the momemt I'm starting with some expressions I'd like to remember, which were introduced in Shakespeare's plays:

читать дальше

читать дальше

читать дальше

читать дальше

читать дальше

читать дальше

читать дальше

читать дальше

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Futurelearn - Stereoscopy - week 2 - the End

И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
I've finished the course on streoscopy and stereoscopic photography provided by FutureLearn and the University of Edinburgh. I can say that it was quite useful (as when I started my offline photo course I felt quite comfortable when we went through the history of photography as I knew some names and got the connections between them. Not a big deal but... I did enjoy this feeling) and exiting. I really got interested in stereophotography and I am even thinking over the possibility of doing something like that. It definitely has a certain charm.

Stick to the point: During the course there were some discussions on relevant topics. This one I'd like to speak on here. You, whoever you are, welcome to share your thoughts about it, as usual.

Here it is

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Моргот и трансгрессивный акт