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1. Slang for "yes".
For fun in unofficial occasion between good friends.
-Are those the same clothes you wearing last night in the bar?

2. yea + yup = yeap

3. The awesomest way to say ''yeah'' or ''yes''. Only the coolest people say it. When you compare ''yeap'' to ''yeah'', ''yeap'' is by far the best. ''Yeah'' is just a poser! If you say "yeap", you're cool. (Also can be written as : yeep):super:
-Hey man, did you hear about that donut that Billy found in the toilet?
-Yeap! It looked so yummy, I wanted to shove it in my mouth!

4. combination of yeah and yep

5. The act of putting "Yep" and "Yeah" into one word b/c you can't decide which one to use!
Person #1 : Did you read the new Cosmo Girl Magazine?
Person #2 "Yeap"

Urban Dictionary.

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