И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
- It's worth the risk. To protect people.

(c) S01E06

Probably, what I'm going to say may sound quite wierd. But I definitely like this point of view. I was told and got accustomed to consider that "Doctor Who" was, so to speak, for children while "Torchwood" was an adult version, you know, more "dancing" and so on.

Although, I'm not so sure about it now because I like turning out everything I ''touch'' in every possible way. Sometimes it gives good food for reflection. Just why not?

So, I consider Doctor Who to be a more frightening show than Torchwood. I try to explain why. Let's begin with Torchwood. There is blood, murders, sex, violence you can say.... but just think that everything what happens can be solved/fought by a group of people. Plain, usual, mortal.... well almost mortal men. Any time they faced problem eventually they manage to cope with it. They fight, suffer, sacrifice.... die. Sometimes the payed price is very high but it brings a new tomorrow for all humanity. And I think it's the most exciting thing.

Now have a look at Doctor's adventures. There are much more unimaginable things are shown. Both amazing and terrible, fantastic and scary. And there is nobody but Him to sort everythng out. Without the Doctor we will lose there is no plan B. These are the sort of things to which human race are not ready. Because we are selfish, ignorant, evil, scared, short-sighted, coward... or we're just at the very beginning of our universal development.
We need help. We still need learn lessons. What if once he doesn't come, just takes a fancy another planet for a moment. "His monsters" are less real but more pityless, you could hardly have noticed some before your extermination. They are not for the human.

I'm thinking over it again and again. And it begins to seem more and more right, truthful.

Note no sarcasm at all.

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