И свет, угасая, отрезал безумного мальчика от его тени...
It has been ages since I wrote in English. I came across Macmillans topics text books devoted to certain topics. Though the level isn't high I guess they might give me some information about certain vocabularies, word pronunciation and general knowledge (or may be they do not). Anyway it's worth giving a try even just for reading's sake.

The first try of mine is "Festivals" and the text book starts with "New Years".

What does it mean for me?
Of course, I can't help paying attention to changes and expectations which every year brings from the point of view of an average man. But every year I find them more and more unattractive for me, strange and even useless. They bring me neither inspiration nor relief. I like some idealistic "pictures" of welcoming a new year but I can't be a part of it. Maybe I've stopped commemorated "a new beggining" because I have actually nothing to commemorate what makes any celebrations a little bit complex.
It's quite clear that I am the problem not the New Year.

Now the idea of the wheel of the year seems me more accurate according to my beliefs. I think the reason is that this wheel idea focuses on the change of seasons not a man. It looks so natural for me and far more appropriate. I really enjoy connection to nature and its numerous cycles. It define a person within its cycles a bit different, like your growth and development come from inside and aren't implied by some outside artificial demands.
At the same time I consider both inside and outside pushing equally important if they are inspiring for a man. But now I tend to choose the first ones.

The wheel of the year, of course, has its beggining and its end but they are not so finite, so ruthless. It's just a change, a change that brings changes. A renewal that based on your prevoius "selves" where memory and anticipation, perception and foresight are so tangled that means both everything and nothing.

What do I like about festivals? I like bonefires and fire in general as it's both dangerous and vital at the same time. I am quite a reserved person and I guess that's one og reasons I'm so attached to fire. I am longing for being melted. I do take inspiration in ruthless things and don't mind destruction they bring for necessary renewal.

From the text book I've learnt about Hogmanay (with the stress on the last syllable), that Scots called a new year's eve and that celebration takes its origin in the Vikings tradition commemorating a winter solstice.

Torchlight Procession, Edinburgh Hogmanay 2016/17

Auld Lang Syne as a national sing-along on Hogmanay 2006 in Edinburgh

I'd like to finish this post with some words and their translations, though it's necessary to do a matching at first.



The last but not the least.... what does New Year mean for you? What is it? When does it take place (for you personally)? Are a place and time really important?

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